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These 970 square kilometers across the majestic hills of southeast Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park is the largest block of mountain forest in Central Africa, and one of the most ancient, dating back to before the last Ice Age.
A uniquely rich centre of flora diversity, the forest has more than 200 different types of tree, and a myriad of flowering plants including the other-worldly giant lobelia and a host of colourful orchids.
Location: A park is located 225 Km from Kigali, 90 Km from Butare and 54 Km from Cyangugu.
Wildlife: Nyungwe is most alluring for its primates: 13 species in all, including humankind's closest living relative the chimpanzee, as well as the handsome L'Hoest's monkey and hundred-strong troops of the delightfully acrobatic Angola colobus. Leopard, golden cat, serval cat, side stripped jackal, Genet, African civet, slender and marsh mongoose represents the carnivores.
Birdlife: The Nyungwe harbors almost 300 bird species of which two dozen are restricted to a handful of mountain forests on the Albertine Rift. The avian highlight of Nyungwe is the great blue turaco an outlandish blue, red and green bird which streams from tree to tree like a procession of streamlined psychedelic turkeys.
Accommodation: Uwinka Rest House, Gisakura Guest House, Ortpn campsites.
To do: Apart from Gorilla tracking other activities in the vicinity of Ruhengeri and Volcanoes include:
Visit to the grave of Dian Forsey and her gorilla Digit.
Climbing Karisimbi 2 days.
Climbing Bisoke 1 day.
Tour of the lakes Burera and Ruhondo.
Cave exploration – visit Musanze cave and the natural bridge.
Tracking the Golden Monkey.
Away from Ruhengeri and volcanoes one can organize the following excursions if you finish trekking in time and return comfortably for overnight.

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